XXXI Encuentro Latinoamericano de Agricultura Biológico Dinámica

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the “XXXI Latin American Conference of Biodynamic Agriculture” (XXXI Encuentro Latinoamericano de Agricultura Biológico Dinámica”), to be held this year in Chile, hosted by the wonderful Waldorf College "San Francisco de Limache" between the 6th and 9th of October.

The motive for this year´s Encuentro will be “To Create Alliances between the Earth and Human Beings”. The format of the Congress will be first to introduce ourselves, then to observe throughout the sessions what the needs and responsibilities of biodynamic agriculture are. Following this, we will reflect upon the ideas and issues observed, and finally work towards creating the alliances necessary for the future. We need you present in these alliances. 

It will be a marvelous encuentro, bringing together all the partner organizations throughout Latin America; one big family in search of a flourishing of Biodynamic Agriculture. Strengthening ties with all our initiatives. Together with the Pedagogy of Waldorf, Anthroposophic Medicine, the teaching of curing, and through Biodynamic Agroecology, our aim is to work closer with the wider rural sector.  In these times in which we live, we need to connect, to become stronger, and, like a flickering flame in the darkness, illuminate to construct the world that we want and need. 

At the Conference, work groups will be designated, working on the fundamentals of “U” Theory, and guided by the international expert Hernan Blanco. The questions that we want to answer are related to the following issues:

·    Relationships between producers, consumers and intermediaries.

·    Creation of Biodynamic agriculturalists

·    Pedagogy and Agriculture

·    Respectful animal rearing.

·    Nutrition

·    Biodinamic Preparations

·    Seeds

·    Farm individuality

We will hear and learn from a range of experiences across Latin America where “alliances in action” are taking place. There will be workshops demonstrating practices in Chromatography, Soils, Plants, Water, Animals, and Astronomy. There will also be a field visit to observe and apply BD Preparations and the exchange of seeds and knowledge. There will be a number of artistic preparations, and open spaces created to freely discuss the issues that concern and motivate us.

We will also hold artistic workshops in Eurythmics, Watercolors, Song, Pottery and Bothmer Gymnastics throughout the Encuentro. Participants can sign up for the workshop of their choosing, subject to availability.

In order that the greatest number of small-scale farmers, students, teachers, families and others interested in caring for the earth can participate in the XXXI Biodynamic Conference, we have modified our cost structure. In particular, we have lowered the cost of inscription, as well as offering a second, more economical alternative that would include admission to all events, but would exclude meals. Options for buying healthy meals will be provided, as well as comfortable eating spaces. The amended program and admission price list is attached.

The cost of participation, with food, all materials, and coffee is $160.000CLP or $250USD. Participation without food (but with materials and coffee) will be $100.000CLP or $150USD. Payment can be made by bank deposit, electronic transfer or Paypal. We are strongly committed to reviewing any potential barrier that might prevent anyone from attending, as we wish to make our conference as inclusive as possible. Please contact our organizing committee by email and we will find a way of making your attendance possible. For those with means, any financial contributions to helping us in this end are greatly appreciated.Please visit our updated website at www.­agriculturabiologicodinamica.­cl. We hope you can attend, so that we can “Create alliances between the earth and humans”.

We are excited about this year´s Encuentro. We hope to see you there. Please feel free to extend this invitation to friends and colleagues that may be interested.

Warmest regards, Asociación de Agricultura Biológico Dinámica ABDChile A.G. Difusió Información e Inscripción