Why cows have horns

Organic farmers aim to minimise their interventions on animals. However, today at least three out of four calves born on organic farms are dehorned. Hardly any animal organ has been so widely discussed as the cow horn. Before robbing all cows of their horns for utilitarian reasons, it is worth finding out what significance the horns might have to them. Since this theme has not been researched much until now, biodynamic farmers working with researchers from FiBL have brought together and interpreted their observations and pictures of the anatomy, physiology, biological development and functions of the horns. Based on the comprehensibly described and well-illustrated findings in the new guide the authors hope to encourage more farmers to retain the horns of their animals. For download of the brochure either in German, English or French please click here: https://shop.fibl.org/en/article/c/cattle/p/1662-kuhhorn.html