We mourn a master of the Biodynamic preparations

Pierre Masson gave the keynote speech on Biodynamic preparations at the agricultural conference in Dornach this year. In it he summarised his many years of experience and his deep understanding of the preparations.

His agricultural career started as a consultant for the state advisory service. At the start of 1968, he and his wife moved out into the countryside. Initially Biodynamic farming offered him the concept of autonomy - an independence from seed and chemical companies- which he found very attractive. For over twenty years together with his wife, he developed a very diverse farm in Burgundy. Looking more closely, he discovered the anthroposophical dimension behind the method. The Biodynamic preparations quickly fascinated him and also with the help of his wife Florence, who as a doctor dealt with  homeopathic and anthroposophical medicine, developed a deep understanding of them. For Pierre, they are remedies for the earth, remedies that can produce profound effects if they are made with the precision of a craftsman.

As a first step, Masson set up a preparation service as part of the Mouvement de Culture Biodynamique, the Biodynamic Association in France. Later, with his son Vincent, a consulting and service company was set up, which then focussed on research into a wide range of practical questions. As a Biodynamic consultant, Pierre Masson made a name for himself far beyond the borders of France. His many published works always approached the issue at hand from a pragmatic perspective.

He has carried responsibility for many years as a Board member of the Association and of Demeter and has been particularly involved in the legal framework concerning preparation production.

For more than three years he has wrestled with bone cancer, gaining support from anthroposophical medicine during that time. This enabled him to continue working on important issues, to present a comprehensive study as a basis for developing a way to regenerate the grapevine, and to finish his major presentation at the 2018 agricultural conference.

His creative power, his research spirit and his unconditional enthusiasm will remain in our memory and motivate us to work intensively on and with the Biodynamic preparations.

Christoph Simpfendörfer

Pierre Masson

*  8th of August 1944

† 22th of July 2018