Vitality feeds us

Today, for many, food has hardly any value. It is available and cheap. But above all it is uprooted from its production and its origin. Many people lack the reference to their own food. Something is on the plate and people consume without much consciousness.But what does really feed us? Is it just vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins that our body needs? Demeter considers food to be alive. Its vitality feeds us. Biodynamic farming methods provide food with ‚natural energy'. Biodynamic farming means being part of an organism, humble towards Mother Earth and respectful to its partners at the farm. Behind every Demeter product stands a person who has committed themselves to values and principles. These ideals and motivations of Demeter farmers are the true treasure behind the product. It makes vegetables, fruit and meat precious: Full of love, strength, courage, dignity, truth and joy. These are the nutritional values our body and soul need for growth and a healthy development.

"The Covid-19 crisis shows us that food safety should be everyone´s business which is why the Demeter brand stands for high quality products that do not only protect our health but also contribute to the economic prospects of farmers and preserve our environment. In addition to providing people with an adequate supply of nutrients, vitamins and taste, Demeter also wants to promote a food culture: cooking and eating together, in our own homes or via video conference, is of great importance for our mental well-being. Especially in times of crisis not only the body but also the soul wants to be nourished." - Alysoun Bolger, Executive Board


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