In Germany a practical apprenticeship or training available only in German speaking areas is on offer. Information is available at

In Holland  Warmonderhof offers a full time Biodynamic training that is recognised by countries throughout Europe. Information at:

In Belgium, in the North part of the country (Flanders - Dutch speaking) Landwijzer Training Centre offers a 2-years apprenticeship in organic and biodynamic agriculture (mixed farming). The training offers a basic foundation on biodynamic farming. See:

In France there is a two year accredited Biodynamic training starting every year either in the region Alsace or Maine-et-Loire. The training gives an official farming diploma, and is supported by a network of 50 biodynamic farms for practical work placements. Information at: Skillebyholm, in Järna, Sweden, offers a Biodynamic horticultural training with associated educational courses. The course length is 2 ½ years, including a practical in the second year comprising the whole summer period. More at: www.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain there is the Biodynamic Agricultural College - - which is now the main provider of BD training in the UK.

It is offering an online training, that allows access to Biodynamic professional development from anywhere in the world.  And it runs the certified two year work based “Diploma in Biodynamic Farming and Gardening”. This farm and garden based training is a hands-on learning supplemented by guided study and seminars.The objective of the course is to gain basic agricultural / horticultural skills, understand the principles and practice of biodynamic techniques and create a foundation for developing an independent understanding of the earth, life and human beings from a spiritual perspective. The Diploma is certified by Crossfields Institute and regulated and accredited by the UK OFQUAL (education regulatory body) at UK level3 and EU level4. The BD training started in the early 1990's and has been certified since 2010. The tutors are professionals in their area of expertise and predominantly experienced BD farmers and gardeners.

Furthermore there is the Ruskin Mill Trust that is organising three biodynamic training courses open to external applicants:

The Biodynamic specialist training in Switzerland takes four and a half years and is aimed at students who are seeking to combine a vocational training course that includes cultural and developmental components. It finishes with the same degree as that offered by the Ministry of Education and Technology (Bundesamt für Bildung und Technologie, BBT) recognised in Switzerland as “Specialist for Biodynamic Agriculture”. This allows a higher agricultural career designation  - comparable in Switzerland to the level of Agricultural farm manager. More information is available at:

Biodynamic training in Austria includes training possibilities at different levels:

  • Professional development for practising Biodynamic farmers and those converting to Demeter
  • University courses: lectures cycles with seminar sections for students and other interested people.
  • Training courses: the basic course on offer consists of several modules, covering perception, experience and recognition of Biodynamic agriculture in theory and praxis.
  • Specialist training for those converting to Demeter. All information at

In the USA courses are offered at the Pfeiffer Center The mission of the Pfeiffer Center is to practice, teach and spread awareness of the Biodynamic method of agriculture and land care.

Furthermore there is a 10 month program on Regenerative Organic Agriculture.This program will have 3 months of classroom teaching ( one month is on Biodynamic Agriculture course in collaboration with Demeter USA), 6 months of field work and a month of apprenticeship.

Rudolf Steiner College as a center for Biodynamic Education,we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of Biodynamic Workshops and Events, Evening Study Groups, a Biodynamic Farm Apprenticeship Program, Farm Visits for school children, Garden Tours and Volunteer Days. Students enrolled at the College also participate in a variety of biodynamic educational activities, including classes and garden work.

In Argentina the "fundamental course" consists of 4 parts, each of them in another place, climate zone and farm, and each of one week duration. Information at The students are encouraged to do stages in Biodynamic farms.

An intensive course of six weeks, and one week courses in Brasil are organised by  for weekend courses please see:

in Chile there are plenty of courses:

Taruna In New Zealand has been running courses in Organics and Biodynamics for 21 years. The current format, in its 8th year and unique in the world, focuses on individual solutions tailored for those currently working the land (or aspiring to) alongside a wider exploration of organic and Biodynamic principles. The Certificate in Applied Organics & Biodynamics at Taruna is for those who do not have time to engage with a full-time programme but still want to integrate these principles into their approach to land management.

Spread over 32 weeks, the programme consists of three 8-day seminars combined with home-based study, where you apply what you’ve learned to your individual situation. In between the 2nd and 3rd seminars, you will receive a consultancy visit from a qualified tutor at your own property for a discussion and recommendations.

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