The Sun Hive - a biodynamic Initiative

The Natural Beekeeping Trust's work is directed at raising awareness of the need for new approaches to the honeybee as well as the environment on which it depends. At the core of this endeavour is the ongoing search for a deep understanding of colony life and the parameters of its free unfolding. In line with this the Trust encourages a wider adoption of biodynamic growing, in gardening as well as farming.We became aware of the existence of a unique hive created by German sculptor Guenther Mancke in 2011 and were fortunate to import the first of these hives, named "Weissenseifener Haengekorb" to the United Kingdom a short while later. The hive was launched in Britain at the 2nd Natural Beekeepers Conference, together with an English translation of Guenther Mancke's book about, which contains ground-breaking insights into the nature of the bee colony.For the purpose of its introduction in UK the hive was named "sunhive" and in collaboration with biodynamic farmer and BDA chairman Peter Brown from Tablehurst Farm workshop facilities for the production of the hive were developed in order to enable others to make the hive in our country. 

"The Sun Hive -  a biodynamic Initiative"  has attracted attention worldwide in a very short time, and workshop initiatives similar to our own are developing in India, the United States, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. We hope to build on what has been achieved so far - working together for the future of the bees, and in gratitude for the help we receive from the bees and all other beings. 

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