"Shaping the future" February 28th - March 4th 2016

Are you looking for tools, methods and a sharing of experiences to:

• move your farm or enterprise into a new phase of development?

• position your enterprise differently in its social surroundings?

• inwardly take hold of your enterprise or initiative in a new way?

• transform a vision into a project that can be realised?

• expand or reduce the breadth or context of your work?

Do you work:

as a farmer, gardener, processor or trader or are you active in an organization or institution

connected to biodynamic or organic agriculture?

An intensive path is described to develop the faculties needed

to shape the future. This is as true for the individual as it is for

the entire biodynamic movement. The Section for Agriculture

sees itself as a platform for facilitating the mutual fructification

of both individual and collective efforts to shape the future.


Information and registration:

Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum Hügelweg 59 CH-4143 Dornach Tel/ Fax +41 61 706 42 12 / 15 sektion.landwirtschaft@goetheanum.chwww.sektion-landwirtschaft.org Accommodation: zimmer@goetheanum.ch