“Seeds for a New Agriculture”

The 28th Latin American Meeting “Seeds for a New Agriculture” finally came to an end, after four intense and inspiring days.

The members of ABD Peru worked very hard to make an event possible that was excellent in every sense.  All participants  expressed their gratitude for the enormous effort that went in to making it such a success.

107 persons participated, amongst them farmers, professionals, teachers, consumers, students, coming from countries which included Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico as well as friends from Switzerland and Taiwan.

The first day was held at the main agricultural University of Peru: the National Agrarian University La Molina, where the programme consisted of lectures given by keynote speakers and it was a session open to the university community.  Topics developed were plant breeding, Biodynamic viticulture, permapiculture, Biodynamic experiences in Latin America, Biodynamic coffee and rice experiences given by biodynamic farmers themselves.

For the next 3 days, the participants were accommodated  in a special place in the mountains on the outskirts of Lima, where the programme continued conference topics given by farmers, professionals, practitioners. The programme also included workshops for specific technical aspects, as well as artistic ones.  The evenings were a time for relaxing with cultural and artistic activities.

Some of the main topics developed were: Seeds, Astronomic Calendar, Biodynamic Husbandry, Biodynamic Coffee, Rice, Viticulture, Permaculture and Apiculture.

Early in the morning, reading and discussion of Rudolf Steiner’s Agricultural Course formed the spiritual basis. At noon, the fair for seed exchange and the exhibition of the countries' delegations complimented the days' programmes.

The artistic workshops were: Aquarel, Singing, Drawing, Pottery, Peruvian Dances, Bothmer Gymnastics and Waldorf Handcrafts.

The contributions that received the greatest interest were “Pacari Chocolate” with Santiago Peralta, “Biodynamic Viticulture” with Armando Rebolledo from Emiliana, “The relationship of human beings with animal beings in the context of the agricultural individuality” with Fabian Baumgratz/Beate Müller, "Associative Economy and accountability of the agriculture organism” with Simon Blaser, and "Participatory Certification or PGS / Participatory Guarantee System – DEMETER" with Pedro Jovchelevich.

The Assembly elected Mexico as the venue for the 29th Latin American Meeting of Biodynamic Agriculture.

Mr. René Piamonte states: "I personally, feel very happy to have been part of the organizing committee and I truly believe that an important impulse has been given to strengthen the Latin American Biodynamic consciousness built from our own experiences and with this, making possible our contribution to the global Biodynamic movement"

Many thanks for their kind support to: GLS Bank(Asociación Aynimundo), Associação Mahle do Brasil, Volkmann Rice, Chacra d´Dago coffee, IDMA, CONIDA and Switzerland Demeter consumers friends of Beate and Annamaria Müller.

For more information, visit the blog http://encuentrolatinoamericanoabdperu.blogspot.com.br

See you in Mexico in 2014 !

René Piamonte

Academy Coordinator ABD Peru