Second Executive Board member for the Biodynamic Federation – Demeter International appointed

In its last meeting, the Supervisory Board has appointed a second Executive Board member. “We are pleased to announce that Alysoun Bolger will share the responsibility for the operative work from 1st of April onwards.” says the president of the Biodynamic Federation, Helmy Abouleish.

Alysoun, who also works in certification for Demeter UK and BDA Certification, will start with a 50% position and will be responsible for the areas of Quality Assurance and administration within the organisation.

She has been working in the field of biodynamic education for the last 20 years and quality assurance for the last eight.  After studying science, art and anthroposophy in the United States, she moved to the UK to study, work and teach at Emerson College.  She was one of the founders of the full-time accredited biodynamic agriculture training at Emerson and a director of Emerson College Trust. 

She is a trained Waldorf School teacher but has worked more in the field of adult education both in practical teaching and in quality assurance.  Her relevant experience is not only in the content, practice and certification of biodynamic agriculture but also in the administration of organisations and of working in international and diverse contexts.