The School of Biodynamic farming --- an Indian initiative

Healing the Earth , is the motto of the newly started School of Biodynamic Farming in South India . Land degradation and increased desertification is a serious problem in India . With one of the most young populations in the world , India faces a problem of rapid urbanization and migration to the already overcrowded cities . There is an urgent need for trained young people , to heal the Land through Bio-dynamic farming . The Inba Seva Sangam ( ISS ) is a Gandhi inspired NGO working for over 40 years in the poor rural villages in Karur District of Tamil Nadu .  It looks after , educates and fosters 400 poor children , runs 2 schools for these children , and works actively in the community with over 300 womens self help groups . It also has a Healing the earth campaign involving nearly 200 farmers in kadavur taluk , to change to Biodynamic methods of land management and agroforestry . Since many of the ISS children eventually migrate to the cities in search of employment , it was decided to start a School of Biodynamic farming to educate them about Land healing works , and create a cadre of youngsters who can actively participate in Biodynamic farming . The plan is to create facilities where nearly a 1,000 youngsters will be trained during the next 20 years . The 2 year  Diploma in Biodynamic farming is fully residential with an emphasis on all round development and employability of the student . There are 6 academic terms of 12 weeks duration each , and the medium of instruction is in the local language Tamil . Technical skills like soil fertility improvement , the making and usage of Biodynamic preparations , farm water management , renewable energy applications for farms , etc. are taught . After each term the students will spend 3 weeks in a Biodynamic Farm as Practice school experience .Soft skills , also called as life skills like spoken English , life coping social skills , basic computer applications are also taught . At the moment there are 7 students ( 4 girls and 3 boys ) , and the Director of the school Jakes Jayakaran is working hard to mobilize resources to create the infrastructure for 100 students to stay and study in the BD Farming school . Help from well wishers in setting up the school infrastructure is most welcome .   for further details please contact: Jakes Jayakaran []