Requirements for achieving a Demeter certification

Before you apply to have your enterprise inspected for Demeter certification, check to see if the most important prerequisites listed below are already being met, or could be fulfilled in the future:

  • Conversion of the entire farm (incl. secondary crops, animal husbandry and feeding, areas producing products for home consumption, etc.)
  • Ruminants are present in arable enterprises - the minimum requirement is 0.2 livestock unit/hectare.
  • At least one application per year of cow horn manure and horn silica, as well as the spreading of prepared manures on all areas of the enterprise.
  • All organic manures (stable manure, compost etc.) are to be treated with the compost preparations. A composite preparation (such as cowpat prep, barrel compost, prepared 500 etc.) may be spread as a substitute on all areas of the enterprise, which receive no prepared manure in the course of a year.
  • Compliance with the requirements for seed/plant material quality; it has to be Demeter if available and if not, then of organic quality. Conventional quality may be used only with prior written permission of Demeter-International. Treated seeds are strictly forbidden.
  • Compliance with the input lists named in the annexes of the Demeter Standards, such as no use of copper in vegetables. Restriction to max. 3 kg copper/ha in perennial crops.
  • GMO free declaration for all inputs at risk from genetic modification.
  • Clear separation of product flow in all steps of production, transport, processing, storage, export - introduction of a lot number system is required to trace a product back to the farm at any time.
  • It usually takes three years conversion time to achieve Demeter certification. The conversion time can be shortened if it can be proven that previous farming methods were organic or extensive. A valid certificate from an accredited organic inspection body is a precondition.
  • Demeter inspection of processed products (checking of recipies, origin of ingredients, processing processes)