Our Earth – a global Garden?

Reality and Task

„Our Earth – a global Garden“ describes an objective reality and at the same time a great challenge.

Whereas in the past the garden was a protected and well cared for place in the midst of an otherwise „wild nature“, the Earth as a whole is nowadays a place intensively  worked on by humans. The Earth has become our common garden.

To cultivate and care for the Earth in a dialogue with nature, thereby producing healthy food and beauty is a challenge to be taken on to an ever greater extent. Said in another way: „Our Earth – a global Garden“ means to care for the life body of the Earth organism.

Nowadays the Earth is often treated solely as a resource to be used, or worse it is degraded into a dump. The dramatic consequences for external nature and for the inner nature of man become more and more evident every day. That in many countries of the world and affecting about one sixth of the human population, sufficient nutrition is not available is one of the alarming consequences of this.

Burning questions

How can farmers, gardeners, foresters, landscape gardeners and horticulturalists transform and intensify their „gardening“ of the Earth in such a way that physical, soul and spiritual nourishment can be provided for all? 

How can farm enterprises and gardens be opened for the integration of people who are looking for therapeutic support or who are simply looking for a meaningful activity?

What impulses can biodynamics give specifically to the shaping of the gardening and landscaping culture and practice?

Can our cities be transformed into gardens?

What can we learn from the productive gardening work of small farmers from southern countries? What can we in turn give them?

The conference is meant to create a space for a multitude of encounters that inspire us  so that the Earth can become a garden of the future.

Contributors will be Marie-Monique Robin, Herbert Dreiseitl, Christine Gruwez, Enrico Amico, Marianne Schubert, Benno Otter, Linda Jolly, Antonio Lattuca and many others.

The conference is public and accessible to all. Simultaneous translation into German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Further information is available at:  www.sektion-landwirtschaft.org

Registration from the beginning of December via www.goetheanum.ch


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