The EU Liaison Office of Demeter-International was founded in Brussels in 2002 and since then has organized numerous events to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange between stakeholders and policy makers. The aim of our work is to influence European policies in a way that benefits Biodynamic agriculture, environmental protection, food safety and consumer concerns.
Demeter has been a pioneer in the development of organic varieties adapted to the low input production systems of organic agriculture. Our cooperation partner IFOAM EU Group which is the leading advocate for organic food and farming at the EU level, is actively campaigning for a better legal framework for organic farming and organic breeding.

Committed to promoting the development and use of organic varieties on a European level, our office initiated a three-year project ‘Promoting Organic Plant Breeding in Europe’ in cooperation with IFOAM EU group in January 2017. In the context of this project the EU Liaison Office, provides a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among organic plant breeders and other stakeholders of the supply chain by organizing a series of events which cover issues in organic plant breeding.
Find out more information about our current project ‘Promoting Organic Plant Breeding in Europe

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