New Paths to Certification for Demeter Farms in Germany

The first year of Demeter e.V.’s alternative certification project has allowed us to introduce something big, even radical,to our members and partners in Germany. We seized the opportunity to create something our members have been asking for since years: an initiative that pilots a new path to Demeter-certification, putting the focus on farms and farmers rather than checklists and rigid inspections. With this project, Demeter e.V. has opened itself up to a development that has the potential to bring vitality to the way we recognize our farmers’ accomplishments and foster high quality Demeter products. It also reflects our history as the oldest organic farming association in the world - an association for pioneering world-changers. The report offers an insight into the process of developing an alternative route to certification, and includes contributions from participating farmers, mentors and other stakeholders; as well as the first results of our 2018 data.

please find attached the report as a pdf file in English and German.

For inquiries about the project, please contact the coordinator: