Muchas Gracias, René

The biodynamic movement and the Demeter community are thankful for this life that ended through an illness that he described himself as “in between darkness and light”. René was and will remain a great inspiration, a warm connector and skilled supporter for many in Latin America and around the world.

René Piamonte Peña

Bogotá, 25th August 1961 – Lima, 26th July 2020

In the heart - the loom of feeling, In the head - the light of thinking, In the limbs - the strength of will. Weaving of radiant light, Strength of the weaving, Light of the surging strength: Lo, this is man!

- Rudolf Steiner

René Piamonte Peña leaves this world and leaves his wife Patricia Flores Escudero and three children Miguel, Daniel and Alexia.

Born in Colombia, after many years of study in Brazil and work at the Biodynamic Association in Botucatu, he went on to work in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, all of Latin America.  His practical experience with biodynamic preparations in Botucatu gave him an experience and depth of understanding of nature's processes like few others.

He worked as an independent consultant for biodynamic wines, fruits, cereals, medicinal plants, and integrative landscapes. He travelled the world as a consultant in the production of biodynamic wines, inspiring many areas of wine grapes and juices to convert to biodynamics. At the same time, he became a teacher and advisor on various aspects of the life of biodynamic agriculture. He made biodynamic preparations, taught classes, and did research.  He was an enthusiastic pioneer in organising or participating in biodynamic courses in several countries, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.  In fact René managed all of these so beautifully due to his integrated capacity of meeting people with intellectual, emotional and practical wisdom.

Some of his work is reflected in practice around the world, for example he developed the “legume cocktail” technique, inspired by Alrik Copijn, used in many places today in crop rotation and in the recovery of depleted soils. He worked intensively on seed development.

René studied the agriculture of the past deeply, understanding through archaeology and palaeontology irrigation, water management, ancient Creole seeds, crop rotations, and landscape formation.  This understanding of the past helped him to acquire a vision of the future, seeing the possibilities in the Andean countries and on the plains of Brazil.

René had a big heart and focused on the best in people. He was optimistic and wanted to see the future rich in biodynamics. He shared his knowledge widely and gave contributions at the Agricultural Conference in Dornach, Switzerland and at the International Biodynamic Banana conference in the USA.

Together with Patricia Flores he realized a biodynamic diplomate course in a new format.

Wherever he went he helped to found and consolidate the various biodynamic associations that emerged in South America.

René has put so many seeds in the Latin American ground that a beautiful biodynamic landscape is developing. The whole biodynamic community will continue this work and we are sure that René will always support us from where he is now.

René, we will miss your physical presence, but you will stay in our hearts.

On behalf of the Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International e.V.

Christoph Simpfendörfer and Alysoun Bolger

Biodynamic Wine conference, Chile 2016

Moyobamba, Peru, 2016