International Seed Festival

Demeter International along with partner organizations in five different European cities (Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, London and Warsaw) is organizing in the period between 5/10/2014 and 12/10/2014 Seed Festivals. Those common actions aim to raise citizens’ and consumers awareness regarding the important topic of seeds.

The Seed Festivals target to spread the message of production, distribution and free exchange of traditional and non-industrial seed varieties.  That will enhance biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture as a key European policy by 2030.

Why are traditional seeds important for biodiversity? What are organic seeds?  How could ecological seeds support local economies? How would TTIP affect agriculture in Europe? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during the Seed Festivals. 

The symposium “Let us create local markets for ecological seeds and farming in Europe” (invitation attached) is  part of the Seed festival in Brussels that will take place on 11 - 12 October 2014

In the following links you can find details for the Seed Festivals in the European Cities:

Athens Festival, (fb event)

Amsterdam Festival 
, (fb event)

Brussels Festival:!about2/c3cx  , (fb event)



Join us in the Seed Festivals, learn more about the seeds!!