International Nutrition conference at the Goetheanum

„Nutrition – a creative process

... tracing the paths of transformation“

From 1st – 3rd of May 2014 an international conference on anthroposophic nutrition will take place at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland). The conference has a diverse programme, with interactive

workshops, lectures and many opportunities to meet like minded people. The conference is for all those who are interested in questions concerning nutrition and is organised by the Section for Agriculture, the Circle for Nutrtion Research (Arbeitskreis für Ernährungsforschung) and the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

Nutrition is a living process of transformation: from cultivating, processing and preparing food, to eating and digesting – all happens in continuous movement and change. Each step along the way from soil to man transforms the previous substances into something new and, step by step, new qualities can be developed.

How can we become more conscious of these transformations, so that in our daily life we can act in such a way that the original quality contained in plant and animal products is truly refined in each step?

Alongside a deepening of this topic, the conference is also meant to provide a space for people to meet and exchange ideas. To support this, dialogue methods will be used in bilingual workshops, and the conference is trilingual, so people, ideas and practices from many corners of the world can be present.

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