International Earth Day

Today's “Earth Day” reminds us to keep an eye on other global challenges, not only the Covid-19 crisis. In order to stop climate change, loss of habitats and biodiversity, plastic waste and water pollution, decisive steps in politics are required alongside a return to regional economic cycles.

The fight against the Covid-19 crisis is the most pressing issue, but the transition to a more sustainable and less crisis-prone economy also has to be tackled now," Demeter board member Alexander Gerber comments on International Earth Day. “The crisis makes it clear to all of us how dependent we are on functioning agriculture and sustainable trade relations in the region . We have to stand by local agriculture - but in the long term this will only work if politicians take steps now to initiate the agricultural turnaround.”

"We can all do something in our private life every day too, namely, relying on sustainable and fair regional economies." adds Alexander Gerber. "For example, getting regional and seasonal food and dishes from nearby farm shops, restaurants and wineries - not only supports them during this crises - but brings benefits for the environment and the climate and strengthens the local economy in the long term"

Background: “Earth Day” on April 22nd

The “Earth Day” is taking place internationally for the 30th time this year and in the USA for the 50th time. It was launched in San Francisco in 1970 to focus on a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle - and to question our consumer behaviour. It is celebrated annually on April 22 in over 175 countries - and sets a new focus each year. This year the theme is “climate action” :