International Biodynamic Association

IBDA The International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) is the worldwide union of national Biodynamic associations and represents the Biodynamic impulse in the service of the Biodynamic and the Demeter movements. IBDA works in close cooperation with the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum on the one hand, and with Demeter-International, on the other hand. IBDA holds the ownership rights of the Biodynamic and Demeter trademarks. In this way the trademarks belong collectively to the Biodynamic movement, while still being held by only one organisation. The use of the trademarks and rights to their administration have been contractually agreed with Demeter-International. Further tasks of IBDA are to support activities at international level that help to strengthen the Biodynamic impulse, by supporting the development of the member organisations, through the organisation of events and projects and by fostering alliances and partnerships. For example, IBDA is a member of the Alliance ELIANT. IBDA has the legal form of a tax free society under Swiss law. Currently there are 24 member organisations and the board is made up of five persons. IBDA sees itself as a service provider and is very much connected in terms of content and staff to the Section for Agriculture.