At Whitsun Rudolf Steiner held eight lectures entitled "Spiritual foundations for the renewal of Agriculture" at Koberwitz, Silesia. The Experimental Circle of Anthroposophical Farmers immediately tested Steiners indications in daily farming practice. Three years later a Co-operative was formed to market Biodynamic produce.


The Demeter Symbol was introduced, and the first standards for Demeter quality control formulated. On a rugged Mexican mountain range, on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre, Rodolfo and Walter Peters start the first Biodynamic Coffee Plantation at Finca Irlanda in Chipas which is still farmed biodynamically today.


Chromatography, a method of visualising the quality of food, was developed in Germany by Lily Kolisko and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer. The first official trials (in Berlin) demonstrate the effectiveness of the Biodynamic Preparations.


Approx 1000 Biodynamic farms in existence.


In Germany the "Demeter-Wirtschaftsverbund" was founded. Biodynamic Agriculture is also practiced in Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Norway and the U.K.


In New Zealand the 'Bio-Dynamic Association' was founded.


All Demeter-Organisations and the monthly magazine "Demeter" are forbidden in Germany through the NSDAP.

Common statement of the Biodynamic movement standing for human rights, freedom of opinion, pluralism and cosmopolitanism and clearly distancing itself from extremism and anti-human aspirations. Here is to the Spanish, German and French versions. 


The 'Experimental Circle for Biodynamic farming methods' (formerly 'The Experimental Circle of Anthroposophical Farmers') is established and restructured. The first Introductory course takes place.


The first issue of "Lebendige Erde" ("Living Earth") was published. In Darmstadt the 'Institute for Biodynamic Research' was founded.


Scientific research work began in partnership with German Universities, and other worldwide organisations.


Founding of 'Demeter Bund' in Germany


Beginning of the 'Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Verarbeitung und Vertrieb von Demeter-Erzeugnissen' a German Co-operative for producers and processors of Demeter Products.


Maria Thun reveals to the world her comprehensive work on the cosmic influences upon plants and develops "The Star Calendar", a sowing calendar that has since been published yearly in an ever-growing number of languages.


The first dissertation on a theme of Biodynamics (by Ulf Abele) was received at the University of Giessen, Germany. The University of Hohenheim converts its trial grounds to Biodynamics.


A long-term trial comparing Bio-Dynamic and Conventional farming began in northern Germany, looking specifically at the build up of the humus layer through the use of the Preparations.


The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft ökologischer Landbau" (AGÖL), an umbrella organisation for all certifiers active in organic certifcation in Germany, was founded on the initiative of Demeter.


Demeter is the first organic body to produce standards for food processing. The first Doctorate on a Biodynamic theme, (The rhythms of the moon) is written by Dr. Hartmut Spiess, a scientist at the Institute for Biodynamic research. Demeter is restructured in accordance with the three fold social order, and this together with the importance of regional impulses, becomes the main focus of the work.


Demeter house on the outskirts of Darmstadt (Germany) becomes the home for all the German regional Demeter Organisations and several other Demeter activities.


19 independent Demeter organisations, with representatives from Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America come together to form Demeter-International e.V.


The 75th anniversary of Bio-Dynamics, and important steps are being made on the way to a world-wide trade organisation. Demeter introduces a new logo. The German Market Forum consisting of producers, processors, traders and consumers works on a marketing strategy for a variety of Demeter goods under one logo. The Demeter Processing Standards are ratified world-wide, and more than 3,500 Demeter products are available in shops, from Italian antipasti & whole grain bread, first class wines & award winning ice-cream to clothes and toilet articles. Demeter is the biggest provider of organic goods world-wide.


The International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) is founded on the 1st November 2002. Its tasks are similar to those of the Forschungsring in Germany plus ownership and protection of the trademark "Demeter" and "Biodynamic" all over the world.

A 21 year long study about agronomic an ecological performance of Biodynamic agriculture compared to organic and conventional agriculture has been worked out. see: DOC trial  


Ibrahim Abouleish, the founder of the Sekem Initiative receives the right livelihood award.


The Monastery Study on the impact of Biodynamic food on body, soul and spirit is carried out in a German Monastery.


The 150th birthday of Rudolf Steiner is celebrated with various events all over the world.


The International Biodynamic Council (IBDC) is founded. It consists of the board members of Demeter-International, IBDA, the heads of the Section and Aender Schanck from Luxembourg as a representative for trade and processing.

Slovenia gains full-member status at Demeter-International e.V.


Demeter Spain gains full-member status

raw material coordinator is appointed in order to facilitade a steady flow of goods


Demeter or the Biodynamic movement is celebrating its 90th anniversary

Many events all over the world are being organised


Christoph Simpfendörfer, a farmer from Stuttgart, has been nominated the first General Secretary for Demeter-International.


After 20 years of existence Demeter-International represents more than 5.000 Demeter farmers, with over 180.000 hectares in 54 countries.


Demeter-International and the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) join forces to form the Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International. The new international umbrella organisation thus unites all Biodynamic and Demeter organisations worldwide