Growing Values

Biodiversity is under fire, the climate crisis is escalating and farmers are protesting –  to name just a few of the many signs that society is facing a crucial test, particularly regarding agriculture, food quality and nutrition habits. 

“Our goal as a regenerative agriculture is the production of high quality food for all." says General Secretary Christoph Simpfendörfer, “This encompasses a food economy that enables farmers and the whole supply chain to make a decent living, while working according to their values and motivations. At Demeter, the values that we stand for are our compass. Now, we will set these values - the foundation of good food and nutrition - in the centre of our communications.”

“We are facing interesting times of change, where more than ever, people are developing a greater awareness of the environment, our way of producing and consuming, and the effects of our daily actions and decisions. This changes the markets for Demeter products and is allowing the global production of biodynamic goods to increase. This growth now requires the Demeter brand, and the movement overall, to distinguish its position in the global market“, explains Katja Aßmann, Head of Marketing at Demeter International, “Who is Demeter and what does Demeter stand for? What makes Biodynamics special? And why do Demeter farmers and manufacturers work this way? But, most importantly, how is this relevant for me and the food I eat? These questions by the consumer will be answered by the new communication campaign.”

“You will grow“ is the new slogan of the international Demeter community with two meanings: “you will grow personally.” and  “you let something grow.“ 

This clear statement stands in contrast to the mainstream growth paradigm but also demonstrates the original motivation of Biodynamics: the potential and encouragement to grow socio-cultural ideas, ecological development, holism and spirituality. 

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Contact: Katja Aßmann

 YOOL Agency from Gießen in Germany has developed the creative communication concept

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