First Turkish Biodynamic Conference

On October 23./24. 2015 more than 50 people met at the Aydin Gülyagi farm for the First Biodynamic Conference in Turkey. Farmers came from all over Turkey to the rose farm of Yusuf and Kenan Aydin which was Demeter certified in 2013. There were also participants from Iran and Germany. Afghan farmers were interested but finally couldn't come because of visa trouble. Bio-Inspecta people participated, too.

For Turkish conditions there is a high standard of Biodynamic work with the preparations and with compost on this farm. This was the underlying reason to invite Turkish Demeter farmers who are producers for RAPUNZEL, BIRLIK or other companies. Until now Demeter farmers had no contact with one another. In principle, they are producers on behalf of the processing companies.

In coming together the Turkish farmers became aware, perhaps the first time, that they belong to a much larger network – a world movement and that they are not only suppliers of one company.

Meanwhile the idea to create Biodynamic centres and common composting sites around a group of farmers takes more form and shape. Here at Aydin Gülyagi the farmers were able to get motivation and concrete ideas for these initiatives.

The focus of the conference was on practical work together.

All participants showed their strong interest to continue the meetings and to exchange experiences.

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