The first assembly of the Biodynamic Association of Ecuador

The first assembly of the Biodynamic Association of Ecuador (ABDE, for its initials in Spanish) took place on June 22, 2019 in Buenavista (a small parish of the city Pasaje in the province of El Oro – Ecuador). The main objectives of the event were: 1) to have an integration among people, professionals and companies involved in the field of Biodynamics in the country, 2) to constitute the Biodynamic Association of Ecuador and 3) to vote for the members that will conform the board of directors during the first period of the association.

The assembly started at 08h30 am with a warm welcome from part of Mr. Fernando Monsalve, followed by a presentation about the “Concepts of Biodynamics” by Ph.D. M.Sc. Rene Piamonte, the reading of the statues, the election of the board members and a field trip to the farm “El Pinco”.

Among the 42 participants, there were professors, producers, philanthropist and companies from all over Ecuador involved in the field of biodynamics.

The board was conformed in the following way:

President: Fernando Monsalve – Motuche Organic Farm

Vice-president: Santiago Peralta - Pacari

Treasurer: Ramiro Romero - Agriculturist

Secretary: Sofia Ochoa - Agriculturist

First Vocal: Pablo Prieto – Prieto Group

Second Vocal: Ximena Mosquera - Agriculturist

During the assembly, Ph.D. M.Sc. Rene Piamonte provided an explanation of the fundaments on which the creation of the association were based and emphasized that the ABDE is a non profit association that has as a main objective to become a place where its members can share and discern knowledge about actual concepts of biodynamic as well as to increase and strength the awareness of Biodynamics and fraternization of its members in the country.

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