Demeter winemakers from around the world at ProWein 2017

Inspiring lectures and advice from personal experience lead to an understanding of what encompasses Biodynamic quality.

The Demeter worldwide community of winemakers presented once more certified Biodynamic quality to ProWein via 29 wineries from Argentina, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Chile. Nina Weis, who coordinates the wineries in Demeter e. V. Germany had put together an inspiring lecture program, which offered the opportunity for consultation and exchange between growers and complemented other meetings taking at the Demeter stand. ProWein 2017 brought the wine world together in Düsseldorf from 19th – 22th March.

Demeter wine makers presented the new 2016 vintage and the development of the 2015 wines to the expert audience. Wine competence and expertise could be extended in the particularly attractive international tasting zone where over 60 Demeter wines from around the world were presented. 

The wide program of events was facilitated by the top sommelier and Master of Wine, Romana Echensperger. She invited the guests to the German-French connection where sparkling wines, Riesling and Pinot noir both vinified from German and French wineries where compared and commented. Hope to see you at ProWein 2018 on 18th - 20th March!