Demeter-International helps to give Biodynamic Seminars and Conferences in Kenya

In order to help small scale farmers in Kenya a well experienced Biodynamic trainer team carried out several courses and practical workshops for the promotion of Biodynamic Agriculture in Kenya. Thanks to OACK's (Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya) excellent organization the workshops were a real success and 29 of last year’s 31 participants attended the advanced course. Financial support of the project comes from Demeter-International e.V. and Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung, Bochum The German trainer Rolf Bucher, with 30 years of experience as the head gardener of Wala, together with his wife Anne Bucher who has 25 years of experience as a gardener, has produced a nice report about the latest events, which one can find attached as a pdf file.  Many thanks to Anne & Rolf Bucher!