Demeter is getting popular in Asia

Mr. Jakes Jayakaran, a well experienced Biodynamic advisor and trainer from India was in China since early May 2017 for 4 weeks. Besides a Biodynamic Training program in Xian , Demeter advisory work and several assignments in Shanghai , North East China and Dali in Yunnan Province  he also attended the IFOAM ASIA conference near Chengdu  and we are happy to inform everybody that the Secretary of Demeter India, Mr. Sundeep Kamath is now elected into the IFOAM ASIA BOARD . We are feeling that the Biodynamic movement is getting recognized seriously as an important part of the Organic movement in Asia. On May 25th  - 27th 2017 the BIOFACH China took place in Shanghai and Mr. Jakes Jayakaran felt the importance to assist the Chinese people from the Demeter-certified Phoenix farm. He reported as follows: As regards the Demeter China Associations (DCA) participation in the BIOFACH  CHINA event : “The DCA had a standard 9 square meter stall in BIOFACH 2017. I took part and was mostly present in the DCA stall on the first 2 days ( 25 & 26 May ) . There were many visitors, who came to the DCA stall, and we did our best to explain the Biodynamic Agriculture concept, and what is DEMETER. I think it was a good start to inform the Organic World people in China, that Biodynamic Farming and DEMETER standards are here to improve the standard of Organic farming in China. Incidentally, the Organic world people here in China call this DEMETER , and not Biodynamic farming ; which is an interesting way to market the Demeter brand . Yes , it was a good start  for the DEMETER and Biodynamic  farming to be seen in the Organic market in Shanghai in China . The good news is that the Biodynamic Farming methods and Demeter standards are getting to be interesting and popular in China and Taiwan. In India also the trend is on the upswing, and we foresee exciting developments in the future on this front.” Mr. Jakes Jayakaran is in Taiwan now having 2 Biodynamic related programs with the Organic Farmers associations of Taiwan, helping a Waldorf school's farming program, and some interactions with the local Agriculture University to get them interested in Biodynamic Farming. Thank you for all your efforts Jakes!