Demeter is a favorite brand of the Germans

In a representative study by the market research institute Forsa concerning the most popular brand names amongst Germans, Demeter has made it into the Top 50. Demeter is on par with Coca Cola as the third most popular food brand and landed at No. 27 overall. Demeter is only surpassed by Alnatura and Mars. The Demeter Partner Alnatura came out top in the food sector and is ranked 12th overall. Demeter and Alnatura are the only two organic brands that have made ​​it into the Top 50. "We are proud that the work of our farmers, processors and distributors in Germany is being recognised," Demeter CEO  Alexander Gerber said about the results.

"2014 is the year of the break through for organic products," says brand expert Andreas Pogoda of Brandmeyer Market research who commissioned the study "The fact that they are at the forefront of the list of favourite brands  this year for the first time shows that it is far more than hype. The Germans have come to appreciate particular brands for years now and do not want to be without them. "

Demeter stands for top quality products produced by the Biodynamic method.

As a pioneer of organic husbandry, Demeter has succeeded in developing into a modern and sustainable form of agriculture, now regarded as the most sustainable form being practised. It ensures that the humus content in the soil is continuously increasing. This is confirmed by independent research which investigated the differences between conventional, organic and biodynamic methods over more than 20 years. This is of particular importance in view of climate change, because humus binds large amounts of carbon dioxide, which helps counteract the greenhouse effect.

(With an unprecedented co-brand strategy, Demeter guarantees biodynamic quality to the consumers, while the manufacturer’s trade name offers the assurance  of careful, gentle processing.

In Germany around 1,400 farmers on 68,000 hectares farm biodynamically. Demeter e. V. also includes about 330 Demeter processors, as well as contracted licensees from the natural and health food wholesalers sector.)