The course to the future

Biodynamic agriculture is on a course that has strong potential for further development into the future. Biodynamic farming, Biodynamic preparations and the farm organism approach play an innovative role when building sustainable farm systems that are resilient to environmental changes.

When delegates to the Members’ Assembly of Demeter International met in France, from 16th to 21nd June, there was intense discussion on how to best implement the Biodynamic approach in our times and in the future. The questions had additional poignancy because it is 90 years almost to the day since Rudolf Steiner first elucidated the ideas forming the very foundation of Biodynamic work.

As background, the 36 delegates from 19 countries visited the preparation making facilities of Pierre and Vincent Masson, where research work into their production, use and effectiveness was presented. The attention to detail necessary to produce high quality Biodynamic preparations was made very clear, and visits to both a Demeter certified farm and a vineyard/winery served to illustrate their application in commercial production.

Subsequent sessions in workshops and the plenum allowed a picture to arise of how this work is carried out in many corners of the globe and what consequences this has for Demeter inspection and certification. The worldwide activity is also the focus of a project being overseen by the Agricultural Section of the Goetheanum in which current practise of making the Biodynamic preparations will be exactly documented.

Keynote addresses on social and philosophical aspects, providing links between the world of ideas and the practical world, also served to underpin the workshops and debate.

Furthermore, in addition to the many other agenda topics relating to standards and trademark issues, international standards for mushrooms were approved.

Demeter International, now in its 18th year, meets annually in June for the harmonising of Biodynamic activity world-wide. This year the meeting was held in Cluny/Bourgogne, hosted by Demeter France.

Demeter International looks optimistically to the future with increasing areas being farmed Biodynamically (presently 156,400 hectares are Demeter certified in 50 countries). The positive consequences for the earth, for global climate and for the nutrition of mankind are significant and offer encouraging perspectives.

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