Special features of farming with the Demeter Standard

The most important prerequisite for conversion is an active interest in the laws of nature and the will to work with them creatively in your daily activities. It is also important that you are open to a holistic view of the natural world, which goes beyond the knowledge gained purely from natural science. The sun, moon and stars, or the Biodynamic preparations are not the only influences to be considered. Working with the Biodynamic method will result in new experiences arising from interactions with the plant and animal kingdoms.

Soil fertility and life processes can be strengthened and harmonised through the use of special preparations made from yarrow, dandelion, camomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, and valerian in compost processes as well as the preparations for spraying made of cow manure and finely ground quartz. This allows self-regulation of the forces active in nature, and produces a distinctive quality.

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Application form for interested producers and processors/traders

Would you like to convert to biodynamic agriculture? Please contact your national Demeter certifying organisation. In countries which have no certifying Demeter organisation of their own, the International Certification Office of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is responsible for Demeter certification.

Biodynamic farming and thus Demeter is a more holistic concept and has formulated additional requirements in the standard for production and processing. The Demeter standard is inspected every year during the harvesting time. A precondition for a Demeter certification is an organic certification. The conversion to Demeter standards usually implies that conversion farms seek help from a professional Demeter advisor. Together with the Demeter advisor it is necessary to make a conversion plan that states the present conditions and the planned developments regarding the realisation of our standard.

Should you be interested in converting your enterprise to biodynamic agriculture, fill in the application form, and post it back to our Office. Application forms for operators in Latin America please send to our local office in Latin America

Application forms for production conversion




Application forms for processing and trade




Contract with Biodynamic Federation Demeter International e.V.

After the successful evaluation of your first Demeter inspection documents, you will receive a certificate defining the certification status. This is required in order to conclude a license agreement with Biodynamic Federation Demeter International e.V.. The contract regulates the use of the trademarks "Demeter" and "biodynamic". The documents relevant to the license agreement are listed below: