Conference on biodynamic fruit growing on 24th and 25th November 2016

Under the title “Growing fruit biodynamically”, the Section for Agriculture organises a conference from 24th-25th November 2016 on orchards of all kinds. More and more fruit growers question their own practices and become interested in the possibilities offered by biodynamic agriculture. Other growers who are already working biodynamically are looking for new perspectives and wish to share experiences, particularly concerning current topical issues, such as the cherry fruit fly. Fruit production has a reputation for being difficult and very demanding. “We want to show that biodynamics is interesting and provides future-oriented, sustainable solutions for commercial fruit growing for all kinds of fruit”, says Jean-Michel Florin from the Section for Agriculture. During the 2 days general principles of biodynamics will be presented as well as specialist topics concerning the most important tree crops, such as fruits, nuts and wine, and these will be covered in presentations of practical examples. The conference addresses fruit growers, growers of oil crops, vintners and orchard consultants. How do biodynamic practices help to provide a sound base for fruit production? And how can biodiversity be encouraged in order to shape a balanced farm organism? In addition to questions concerning soil health, issues such as dealing with diseases and pests as well as the importance of animals will be addressed. Workshops on plant protection, tree nurseries, tree care, cooperatives and joint marketing offer room for deepening kowledge and sharing experiences. A training of sense perceptions has very practical significance. The speakers are experienced practitioners, researchers and consultants. Come and let us all shape the future of biodynamic fruit production together! For more information and registration see attached leaflet!