Co-creating the future with a holistic approach

In the face of current challenges in food and farming – devastating milk prices for conventional dairy farms, extreme weather events as a consequence of climate change, financial speculation on farm land – the urgent need for a paradigm change in food and farming systems becomes more and more obvious. Biodynamic farming provides holistic models for societal change. Representatives of Demeter and Biodynamic associations from 23 different countries on five continents have met for their annual assembly in Italy from 11th to 15th June to discuss and adopt strategies for the further development of food and farming. As the implementation of sustainable forms of agriculture require more research and qualified advisory services for the farmers, the Demeter community worked on these topics together with International Biodynamic advisers. Demeter-International feels responsible not only for the setting of high standards and consequent certification procedures but also for farmer support, for research and for market access advice. To secure the sustainability of the Biodynamic approach, it is essential to have economic support through the whole chain from the consumer to the farmer. For this reason, the Demeter-International Members’ Assembly has adopted criteria to work on new forms of social and economic cooperation. The participants of the Members’ Assembly could see the excellent Biodynamic work in Italy. Carlo Noro is specialized in making the Biodynamic preparations embedded in a diverse horticultural farm organism. It was impressing to see with which accuracy, perfection and enthusiasm this work is achieved. Agrilatina and Biolatina are two big farm organisms that both focus on soil fertility by working with specialised machinery and a whole set of composting, green manure and crop rotations. Both integrate cows in their farms, which is typical for Biodynamic agriculture. Demeter-International looks optimistically to the future with increasing areas being farmed Biodynamically. Presently 180,000 hectares are Demeter certified in 54 countries. The positive consequences for the earth, for global climate and for the nutrition of mankind are significant and offer encouraging perspectives.