Casa San Martin for sale

 To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

The project "Casa San Martín" has been carried out by four people associated with Anthroposophy since 1980 and has been dedicated to anthroposophical purposes such as Conferences, Art courses, Eurythmy, Speech Art and Summer Children’s Camps.

It has been running self-sufficiently and under the tenants of Biodynamic Agriculture and for years has been the headquarters for the Spanish Biodynamic Agriculture Association whose annual assembly and Biodynamic Agricultural Courses take place here.

“Casa San Martin” is in a village in the province of Segovia, at an altitude of 1,200 metres and is 120 kilometers from Madrid. This project consists of 3 houses (900m2) and an orchard of 1,000m2 and 3 hectares of pasture rented for agricultural and animal purposes.

Nowadays, as the four of us are retired people, we have decided to sell. Some people have come to us with the intention of continuing to run this place with an Anthroposophical approach and practicing Biodynamic Agriculture, but they do not have financial support to do it.

We would greatly prefer to hand over Casa San Martin, by selling it to an Anthroposophical & Biodynamic group rather than via a real estate agency.

in case of interest please address to:

Leonor Delgado

Thank you for your attention,

Leonor Delgado Sanchez, Member of the Circle of Representatives for the Biodynamic Agriculture & Member. Hermelinda Delgado Sanchez, Waldorf Teacher & FC Member. Amelia Navas Carrillo, Member. Inés de Esteban Barrena, Member