Biodynamic Vitiviniculture Encounter in Chile

For the sixth consecutive year, the International Biodynamic Vitiviniculture Encounter was held, an event that annually brings together oenologists and winemakers from wineries and vineyards of Argentina and Chile, who practice Biodynamics both in the field and in the wine cellar. This sixth Encounter took place in Viña Odfjell, in Padre Hurtado-Santiago de Chile, where for three days, winemakers from more than twenty wineries exchanged their experiences gained producing Biodynamic wine. Also present were key speakers Christoph Simpfendörfer - General Secretary of Demeter International and Georg Meissner - Winegrower, oenologist and very well-known researcher specialising in BD Viticulture. He explained Biodynamic principles and practice from various angles particularly as they relate to southern hemisphere viticulture. In the framework of this event, a tasting of twelve biodynamic wineries was made at the European Restaurant, where guests and reporters from specialist wine media tasted the unique, pure and rich Biodynamic wines produced on both sides of the Cordillera de los Andes. The wines were presented by their respective oenologists, among them: Álvaro Espinoza, from Viña Antiyal, a Chilean with wide experience in Biodynamic vitiviniculture; Cristóbal Undurraga of Viña Koyle; Yves Pouzet de Viña from Tipaume; Arnaud Hereu from Viña OIdfjell; Julio Bastías of Viña Matetic; The Argentinians: Mario Toso, from the winery Luna Austral; Panos Zouboulis from the winery Krontiras; Giusseppe Franceschini and Andrej Razumovsky from Alpamanta winery. All the wines tasted showed an excellent level of quality; by personal preference the most outstanding were the carmenere pure wines and the blend of carmenere, cabernet sauvignon and syrah of Viña Antiyal; The Tipaume and Grez blends of Viña Tipaume (the first vinified in barrels and the second in clay amphorae); The Carmenere Royale and the blend Cerro Basalto of Viña Koyle; The wines Orzada (one carignan and another tannat) of Viña Odfjell; Coyam and GE of Viña Emiliana; And the Malbec Nuna and Ayuni of the Argentinian winery Chakana. Special mention should be made of the wild and stimulating sauvignon blanc Breva from the Argentinian winery Alpamanta. For those who have not yet tasted Biodynamic wines, the suggestion is that they do, because these are pure wines, without chemical additives, and generally very rich and pleasant. These wines appear to have a selling price that is high compared to most others, but this is because they are wines produced on a small scale. Industrial wine production, where millions of litres are bottled, has an economy scale which logically lowers the price. However such wine with its many chemical ingredients has moved away from the essence of any true wine, which is to reflect the aromas and flavors of the terroir from where it originates, from the fruit with which it was produced and not from the subsequent manipulation or intervention. Chilean Wineries: Antiyal, Tipaume, Koyle, Matetic, Odfjell, Hacienda Araucano / Francois Lurton, Emiliana, Lapostolle. Argentina Wineries: Alpamanta, Luna Austral, Chakana, Krontiras. Source:… (by Alejandro Tumayan)