Biodynamic South-East Europe

Invitation for the Online-Conference, 16th-17th November 2020

We are Biodynamic in South Eastern

This is the program for our online exchange meeting between Biodynamic practitioners in South-East Europe. Covid19 cannot stop us to meet and get to know each other, because we are the ones who do Biodynamic agriculture in this corner of the world!

As we could not travel all save to Croatia, we decided to do our meeting online. As a first attempt this should work, even nothing is like gathering together on one spot and enjoy personal and professional exchange!

We offer 5 living sessions, 4 each with sparkling presentations and a fifth to draw a road map for the future.

The sessions are chaired by 4 facilitators (Jean-Michel Florin, Uli Johannes König, Georg Meissner and Reto Ingold) with short impulses to open the floor for deepening and development. The meeting will be moderated by Maja Kolar and Reto Ingold.

We are looking forward to this event, because it will strengthen the identity of this region as a hotspot for biodynamic agriculture development. Please send us your confirmation of participation and 5 slides of your project that we can prepare our shared screens. Contact us if you have questions or if you need support to join or contribute.

Please contact Maja Kolar and Reto Ingold for the programme and the application details at