Biodynamic Principles and Practice Course

Season's Greetings!

warm wishes for the festive season from the Biodynamic Agricultural College.  the second year of running the Principles and Practice distance learning course has included development of some new units, as well as the repetition of some of the introductory units for students who have joined more recently.  We have had more students join the course and now have students on four continents!   This is after all what prompted the founding of the course, we want to support people in exploring and working with biodynamics wherever they are in the world. So for those of you who are already students and for those of you who haven't joined us yet, we would like to wish you well for this new year!  May you find joy in the work you do wherever you are.  For the new year we have new units in store and the return of the Farm Organism.  Take a look!

Farm as an Organism

with Nir Halfon In the Farm as an Organism unit the aim is to provide you with knowledge of the concept of the farm as an organism by observing the different elements which make the farm into an organism, holistic approaches and the ability to apply this knowledge to your own project. The unit will give you the context and tools to really observe your holding, learn more about it and how to work with it taking a more integrative approach, with the aim of making a truly sustainable entity.  



with Tarry Bolger Some cosmic influences are well understood in agriculture.  The sun and its annual rhythm clearly set the pattern for the overwhelming majority of agricultural systems.  This unit explores all of the cosmic aspects which may influence different aspects of the farm organism.  This includes practical observation of the stars and planets, qualitative understanding of human relationships to the stars and consideration of how the cosmos may affect life in farming beyond the annual relationship with the sun.