Biodynamic Preparations-enrol now in December 2015!

Biodynamic Preparations-enrol now!

This unit aims to provide you with knowledge of both the biodynamic spray and compost preparations, how they are made and used and their integration in the management of an agricultural enterprise.   This includes exploring how the understanding of soil, plants and animals combine in this unique aspect of biodynamic practice.  Current research into the preparations and their use will be included alongside an exploration of the principles that inform practice, and the use of preparations may help to bring harmony, balance and stability to the farm organism.

It will include a look at;

  • The history of the preparations and their introduction through the Agriculture course; principles of the preparations
  • The spray preparations
  • The Compost preparations
  • Other commonly used preparations
  • Research and innovation in use of the preparations

Whereas the preparations may – when first encountered – seem to be made and used based on pretty straightforward indications (at least in practical terms), it does not take long to discover that in the realm of biodynamic practice, there is a diversity of perspective on how they are made, applied, stored and what they contribute to the agricultural process. This sometimes contradictory and contrasting range of advice and insight is actually a great learning opportunity, and our aim in this unit is to help you orient in this very interesting terrain! You will not necessarily find definitive answers or conclusions, but a range of perspectives – both from theoretical points of view and from the experience of various practitioners. Ultimately, we are all asked to form our own relationship to the Biodynamic preparations and whereas these may adhere to one or other perspective put forward by others, there is an element in how we each understand, make and use the preparations which will arise from our own processes of understanding and experience.

We will also hear from various practitioners, researchers and individuals who in one way or another have come to work and/or study these remarkable creations in some depth.   We also encourage you to participate in the making and use of the preparations yourself, as this is of course one of the best ways to deepen our understanding of their use in the agricultural organism. 


In order to register for the Preparations Unit, all you need to do is email including your full name and email address. You will then be sent a registration form to fill out which includes a request for payment - the cost of this unit,  is just £328.50 for the eight weeks!  Please feel free to email for more information