Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International founded

Demeter-International and the International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) have joined forces to form the Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International. The new international umbrella organisation thus unites all Biodynamic and Demeter organisations worldwide. The Federation was launched during the annual conference of the Agricultural Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland in the first week of February 2020. Representatives from over 30 countries attended the founding meeting.

"The founding of the new international umbrella organisation cannot be called anything other than historic. At last, the organs of the biodynamic movement - the substantive work on the biodynamic impulse, certification and market development - are coming together in a healthy organism", said Christoph Simpfendörfer, who was appointed to the executive board of the new organisation.

In the future, all biodynamic and Demeter organisations will work together to advise, decide and develop services for the international community spanning the fields of education, consultancy, research, certification, market development, marketing and political lobbying. 

For research, training and consultancy, carried out through the free initiatives of the members, the new Federation will offer a common quality assurance and "train-the-trainer" service.

The certification of companies is either carried out by accredited national certification organisations or is offered as a professional service by the Federation.

Demeter markets are becoming increasingly international.  In new and existing markets, the visibility of the trademark is increasing, the range of products is broadening and so is their availability. The Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International will therefore remain responsible for the protection of Demeter trademarks worldwide.

Demeter’s presence in public discourse must also be strengthened and thus the important contribution of the Biodynamic movement to an agricultural and food culture of the future. The fertility of our soils, animal husbandry, and the social question in agriculture and food production will be the main focus of future work.

In 62 countries worldwide, 6,396 farms cultivate 208,327 ha according to the Demeter guidelines. The produce is further refined into high quality products by 875 processing companies, and made available to consumers by 502 traders. In addition, there are also numerous initiatives in which hundreds of thousands of farmers without certification begin to work biodynamically and market their products locally.  

The formation of the Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International will support and develop the biodynamic movement and aim to take it from strength to strength.

Here is a short film of the foundation: