The Biodynamic Agricultural College Principles & Practice Course 2nd unit

The Biodynamic Agricultural College has begun a distance learning course in biodynamic principles and practice to support students from all over the world in exploring, understanding and taking up biodynamic agriculture.  This is not a course that can teach the practical aspects of agriculture (tractor driving is tricky to teach online), however for students who already have some practical experience, or are gaining practical experience, this course can inform that practice with the principles of biodynamics. By combining written introductory and reference materials, plenty of practical exercises and experiences, with videos and live seminars, this course provides a way of understanding the principles that stand behind biodynamic agriculture and how they influence the practicalities of working with the land.  The course consists of units addressing different aspects of biodynamic agriculture.  Each unit goes ‘live’ at a specific time with a group of students and a course leader.    By creating an online international community of students and teachers,  we hope to create a forum for discussion,  actively addressing how biodynamic principles are applied in different climates and circumstances all over the world. Please follow the link for the Principles and Practice Course on  for more details. The second unit of the Principles and Practice Course, the Farm as an Organism is going live on the 10th February 2014.   In the unit Farm as an Organism the aim is to provide you with knowledge of the concept of the farm as an organism observing the different elements which make the farm into an organism, holistic approaches to the farm organism, and the ability to apply this knowledge to your own project. During the unit, the topic of the farm as an organism will be explored from the perspective of the different elements of the farm and the way they interconnect to create this organism. The unit will give you the context and tools  to really observe your holding, learn more about it and how to work with it taking a more integrative approach, with the aim of making a truly sustainable entity.  If you would like to deepen your knowledge of biodynamic agriculture, have five hours per week and £365 this is a good opportunity to let the college come to you.  It is well worth it! The unit will be taught by Nir Halfon who trained in biodynamic agriculture at Emerson College, has an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studieshas been teaching both at Emerson College and on the Biodynamic Apprentice Training for the last four years, as well asloads of practical experience from a variety of farms and gardens. brings a wide variety of connections and experience from bees and biodynamics to permaculture, and wasof the founders of the Principles and Practice Distance Learning Training. Registered Company in the UK no: 07338516, Charity No: 1141825 Biodynamic Agricultural College, Painswick Inn, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 1QG,