Authentic wines thanks to Biodynamic viticulture

Biodynamic quality certified by Demeter plays an important role in the expanding organic wine market. The Biodynamic method supports the principle of ‘terroir’ through the use of the preparations and this is clearly reflected in the flavour of the wine. Demeter wines are just the right thing for discerning customers who wish to experience the characteristics of soil and bedrock as well as the natural rhythm and vitality in the wine. Some even say: ‘The tranquillity of Biodynamic wine makes me feel at peace.’

Demeter viticulturists don’t only have an eye for their fine wines. They create a diverse landscape and build up flora and fauna. Even sceptics recognise that Biodynamic viticulture produces healthier vines and vineyards that in turn lead to more spirited vines. The worldwide range of high-quality Demeter wines with their assessable inner and outer qualities are as distinctive as Demeter vintners themselves. Biodynamic vintners are increasing in number due to their work producing convincing successes. Their wines are developed with respect and in harmony with nature as well as with the necessary time in the cellar – leading to a positive interaction with human sensory perceptions. The most important foundation for a fine drop is fertile soil. The vine’s roots extend up to ten metres into the ground to absorb fine minerals which promise a distinctive aroma and flavour. The Biodynamichorn manure and other prep-arations further strengthen this connection with soil which can be tasted in site-specific wines. Horn silica improves the vine’s capacity to absorb sunlight and cosmic forces, promotes phophotosynthesis and harmonises ripeness.

It ensures an open structure of grapes which are smaller but healthier. Horsetail (equisetum), stinging nettle, rock dust and elemental sulphur strengthen grapes and leaves as well as foster the vine’s resistance to fungal infection. On the other hand, manuring is done only with natural compost broken down under the influence of the preparations. Disease infestation is reduced with restricted dose rates of mineral substances such as sulphur and copper.

Demeter vintners harvest less than their conventional colleagues but perhaps with good reason. In the cellar a large range of wines of excellence mature. The reason for this is that they give their vines time to develop their terroir completely, to ripen and reach their

individualised flavour and aroma. In this manner Biodynamic cultivation certified by Demeter produces natural, absolutely authentic wines for discerning connoisseurs.