Agriculture Conference 2020

Annual International Conference of the biodynamic movement 5th to 8th February 2020 – at the Goetheanum Dornach, Switzerland

There is a growing desire to find ways which expand the purely material approach to the world. The spiritual orientation of biodynamic agriculture arouses the interest of increasing numbers of people. At a first glance there seems to be little in common between a quest for the spiritual dimension and practical agriculture. However, when we are dealing with the real experience of the spiritual in the world, this always requires the whole human being. The conference will show how integrating the spiritual aspect is helpful in understanding our current situation and how it can assist us in our practical work. This spiritual approach can be particularly beneficial for the major challenges of our time. For instance, in understanding and getting to grips with the environmental changes (climate crises, loss of biodiversity, etc.), for the encounter with the virtual and digital world, and also for the difficulties in working together in the social setting.

Biodynamic agriculture has developed into a global movement, bringing it into contact with different spiritual movements. The Agricultural Conference 2020 offers an opportunity to become receptive to others and develop a mutual understanding. Inspiring impulses and diverse spiritual exercise paths help us in a very practical way to act independently and responsibly in agriculture.

The presentations will deal with different facets of a modern approach to spirituality in agriculture. The 3-day workshops offer the opportunity to discover new approaches and exercise paths and to deepen our knowledge of current topics. The forums provide an opportunity to discuss professional issues. Music, artistic workshops, guided tours in and around the Goetheanum and an exhibition all help to bring the spiritual aspect alive.

We invite all friends of the biodynamic movement to join us in "Finding the Spirit in Agriculture" and creating a special conference together!

The conference is open to all.

The programme includes presentations, practical workshops, themed sessions, an open space, artistic courses, exhibitions, guided tours and performances with plenty opportunities for networking and sharing ideas.

With contributions from Claudy Jongstra, Thea Maria Carlson, Jean-Michel Florin, Anna Cecilia Grünn, Constanza Kaliks, Dan McKanan, Ute Kirchgaesser, Christof Klemmer, André Leu, Christina Henatsch, Dorian Schmidt, Hans-Christian Zehnter, and more.