Accreditation Council

A precondition for a full membership of Demeter International e.V. is a fully functional certification scheme run by the respective member organisation. Currently 19 national Demeter organisations and the International Certification Office, as direct certifier of Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International itself, certify Biodynamic farms, traders and processors all over the world. In total, all certifiers together carry out approx. 7000 certifications per year.

The common basis for these certifications is the “International Standard for the certification of “Demeter” and “Biodynamic” in its respective current version. Based on this Standard certified Demeter products have to be mutually accepted by all Demeter certifiers. Therefore inspection, certification and sanctioning have to be of equivalent quality.

Some common rules for an equal treatment of certified parties are formulated within the “Directions for the implementation of a certification program within the organisations of Demeter International” as a preliminary step to a common quality assurance handbook.

It is the task of the Accreditation Council to safeguard conformity to the International Demeter Standards and harmonisation of all national certification schemes. The AC respects different conditions and circumstances in all countries, however it is the main goal to ensure consumer trust into Demeter products by safeguarding comparable quality insurance in view of different sizes of organisations and different regional conditions.

The Accreditation Council is one of the statutory committees of Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International e.V.

Current members are:

Sebastian Fuchs, Germany – Coordinator

Krishnan Venkataraman, India

Alexandre Harkaly, Brasil

Tarry Bolger, United Kingdom

Members of the Accreditation Council are elected every three years by the Members' Assembly of Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International e.V.