17/18 September 2016 - The UK’s first Biodynamic Gardening Conference

An exciting two day biodynamic conference at Ryton Organic Gardens, Warwickshire, England

Packed with hands on practical advice, workshops and captivating lectures, our conference this year devotes itself to biodynamic approach to gardening, and how to take your organic gardening to a new level of holistic health.Gardeners are the natural stewards and protectors of our Earth, and how we garden has never been so important. By practicing biodynamic gardening methods it provides a much needed catalyst for regeneration, which revitalizes soils, nurtures bees, provide safe havens for wildlife, and keep our precious bio-diversity alive.

The biodynamic approach is unique; it’s aim is to maximize the inherent vitality of our soils and gardens through its use of herbal compost and spray preparations, by harnessing the subtle cosmic forces of nature, building natural resilience with open pollinated seed, and by creating a garden full of harmonious life, which becomes self-sustaining .

Highlights include:

• The importance of open pollinated seeds and our exciting new Seed Cooperative venture

• Seminar from an experienced biodynamic plant breeder

• Expert advice on biodynamic gardening, “ no dig” gardening, meadow / “no mow” and urban gardening

• How to make biodynamic compost and its benefits

• Biodynamics and Permaculture – perfect partners

• Improving soil health and the soil food web

• Natural bee keeping

Speakers include:

Tyll van de Voort – Biodynamic Gardener, artist

Ute Kirchgasser – Biodynamic Plant Breeder & seeds expert

Charles Dowding – No Dig Expert

£120 BD Members rate

£145 Normal rate

Includes meals and special event on the Saturday evening.

Venue: Garden Organic, Ryton On Dunsmore, Kenilworth CV8 3LG


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For more details go to https://www.biodynamic.org.uk/conference/